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Cross Country Schooling
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March 2009

Paul set up various exercises around the bounce complex and over terrain to help both riders and horses learn the mechanics of cross country combinations.Teaching the horses one step at a time builds a both confidence and understanding through positive reinforcement.

Pictures on this page are from the the pony group. Zoe rode the 12.2 hand Yogi, Maddy rode 15.0 hand Mr. Rudy, and Pat rode 14.2 hand Calvin.

Special thanks to Marissa at Pizzazz Farm for allowing us to use their bank and terrain.

Maddy with Perfect position going down a bank
Zoe and Yogi over a cross-rail with
a drop on landing
Maddy and Rudy over the vertical
after the bank complex
Pat and Calvin over
the log on the hill
Maddy and Rudy up the bank