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Southern Pines Horse Trials and CIC**
March 16-18, 2007
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Even with the torrential downpours on Friday and the hurricane like winds on Saturday, Southern Pines was as great event.

When we arrived Thursday afternoon the weather was in the 70's and sunny. Little did we know what mother nature had in store for us the next few days. When arrived to the barn at 6:00 am on Friday morning, the looming dark clouds and a few sprinkles were the first indicators that the those conditions would be the warmest and driest anyone would be for the rest of the day. The temperature began to steadily drop as did the rain. First a drizzle, then a shower, then downpours that latest for hours. Ashley was the only rider to avoid the rain with her early morning ride on Bentley. By mid-afternoon as DeAnna and Klink did Dressage, the rain was relentless and cold. To get to the dressage ring, Klink had to wade through a rain made pond now several feet deep. The upside of the day is that everyone had nice tests with Krissy and Taz putting in their best test to date.

Saturday looked to be much more promising. The rain cleared up, but only to welcome harsh, cold winds that would not let up all day. Krissy and Taz were the first to go in the Advanced and looked great. She had some time, but no jump penalties and more importantly they had a blast. Next to go was Ashley with Bentley and Danielle with Cully. They both jumping around the CIC** course beautifully and clean. Leslie and Sara attacked the intermediate course and made it look like it was a novice course on speed. Alex and her little mare, Carakat, also jumped around the intermediate course clean. DeAnna with Klink and Tera with Travis both show jumped on Saturday. Klink had one rail in the Preliminary, but was in good form and Travis had a clear round in the Training division.

Sunday began with another early morning, as both Ashley and Danielle had to prepare for the CIC** jog. Both of them and their horses looked fabulous and Cullcarin was as white as ever! It's tough keeping a white horse looking radiant, so props to the Quinn's for doing a great job. Both Bentley and Cully passed without any concerns. With that out of the way, it was time for Show Jumping. All the horses looked fit and happy and the riders rode the courses very well. Taz had one rail to end on a great note for her second Advanced. Ashley and Danielle both had nice rounds and finished in 4th and 5th respectively, just behind the big-wig professionals. Leslie and Sara put in their usual elegant round and finished in 8th. DeAnna and Tera ran XC on Sunday. Klink was fabulous, but had a slip off at the corner in the Preliminary. Tera was pleased with Travis' boldness, but got 20 penalties due to his 'eagerness.' Travis wanted to go a wee bit faster than Tera did. Everyone was extremely happy with how their horses preformed so a great event all around.

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See Results for individual placings.

Krissy and Taz on XC

Danielle and Cully over the roll top

Leslie and Sara

Krissy and Taz

Leslie and Paul after Dressage

Charlie and Sue

Nigel taking a nap

Ashley and Bentley

Leslie and Sara into the water