Champagne Wishes Farm

Bluemont, VA
(703) 431-4580

SOSS 2007
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Pamela hosted a wonderful Start of Show Season (SOSS) pot luck for Champagne Wishes Farm. The food was wonderful and the company was better.

Who Attended: Pamela and Carl Morris (hosts), Paul Ebersole, Leslie Chelstrom, DeAnna Hines and Jason (D's boyfriend), Lauren and Lisa Marfurt, Christie and Myra McKitrick, Marilyn and Brian Jarvis, Sue and Krissy Smith, Charlie (Sue's Boyfriend), Pat Palmer, Darlene Anderson, Sharon Miller, Dr. Johns (CWF vet) and Jason (Dr. Johns' husband), and Sara Ablard.

Lauren M and Christie. Pamela in the background preparing the yummy cheese dip

Lauren D and Krissy

Lauren, D, Paul, Krissy, and Sue

Pat, Sue, and Charlie

Paul, Dr. Johns and her husband Jason

Mr. Jasper after a long party

Pamela's husband, Carl, doing some clean up