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Bluemont, VA
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Champagne Wishes Farm offers a variety of services for both horse and rider.
Fees are subject to change.

Full Board*
Training Board *
If boarding multiple horses a discount may be negotiable.
  Board Agreement  
  Owner Information Sheet  
What is included with your Board
  • We feed top-quality hay and grain and adjust/design each horses diet around their exercise schedule and metabolism. We do not charge extra for "hard keepers".
  • Blanketing, booting, fly masks and fly spray done daily at no additional charge (owners must supply equipment and fly spray).
  • We provide an electrolyte supplement of equal part table salt and lite salt during hot weather or when your horse is in heavy exercise.
  • Additional supplements should be provided in SmartPaks for easy and accurate feeding.
  • Fans provided for each horse in the summer.
  • We provide high-quality round bales outside during the winter months.
  • Turn out is a key part of the CWF routine for our horses. During the winter horses are turned out during the day and brought in at night. During the summer horses stay in during the day when it is too hot or too buggy and are turned out all night.
  • We coordinate and schedule regular veterinary and farrier services.
  • Minor wound care, hoof wrapping, or bandaging included as needed. Prolonged care and supplies to be supplied by the owner.
  • No fee for additional handling and care if your horse is on liminited stall rest due to injury.
  • Parking for your trailer.
Selling your horse %10 of sale price
  The 10% commission covers showing of horse to potential buyers and time spent at the pre-purchase vet examination. Horse will be advertised on the Champagne Wishes Farm web site, but additional advertising expenses are the responsibility of the owner.
Buying a horse %10 of asking price

Champagne Wishes Farm solely represents our client's interests when buying a horse. The 10% commission includes researching and finding potential horses, phone calls, horse evaluations at our farm, professional opinion on suitability, and time spent during vet examinations.

  Video evaluations $20
  Traveling to see a horse $60 + Travel Expenses
1 Lesson $70
3 or more Lessons/month $60
Local Away Lesson $75
Use of Lesson horse $10
X-Country Schooling + Mileage if remote $90
Training Ride $50
Gallop Session $50
Exercise Ride or Working Student Ride $25
Body Clip $180
Braiding $40
Mane or Tail Pull $25
Show Expenses
Coaching Horse Trials - 1 day $175*
Coaching Horse Trials - 2 days $200*
Coaching Horse Trials and CICs- 3 days $250*
Coaching CCIs $300/weekend*
Showing Client's Horse $175/weekend*
Local Schooling Show (same as away Lesson) $75/day
Shipping $0.75/mile ($50 min.)
Paul's hotel and gas expenses will be split between clients who are attending the "away" shows. Local shows are considered Morven, Loudoun, Loch Moy, and Surefire.
Paul is available to teach Clinics at your farm. Please call for a quote.