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Paul Ebersole
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Paul began riding at the age of 16 after getting bored sitting on the sidelines watching his sister Andree ride. After graduating from high school, Paul moved from Redding to Santa Rosa, California to train full time under the instruction of Yves and Christine Sauvignon at Oakridge Training Stables. Paul experienced many successes as a Young Rider on his horse, I Love Paris, including winning the John. H. Fritz trophy at his first CCI*. I Love Paris also gave Paul his early Advanced level experienced before moving to the East coast.

Paul moved to the East coast to pursue his goals as a rider and continue his education. After the move, Paul worked with Jessica Ranshousen in dressage and Jimmy Wofford for jumping. Paul has also been able to train from time to time with the O’Connors and Mara DePuy. He purchased a 4-year old Irish Sport Horse, Connor II, from Ireland and brought him through the levels to conclude a successful career at several CCI*** before selling him to an adult amateur. Paul and Connor II were named to the US Team Developing Rider list in 2000. Paul has competed at all the major CCI* and CCI** on numerous horses, including I Love Paris, Garth Rax, Duncan III, MP II, Cool Connection, Willie, and Two in the Teepee. Paul continues to produce young horses from age 3 onwards to successful careers in Eventing, Dressage, Jumpers, and in the hunt field.

Paul's experience at Oakridge and his work with top trainers on the East Coast has shaped his training and teaching philosophy. Paul believes that a team atmosphere is not only more productive, but also more fun. He encourages everyone he coaches to work together and support each other as a team. With the combination of West and East coast influences, Paul believes that there are fundamental concepts to which both horse and rider must adhere, but within those concepts he is flexible to work with the different personalities of horses and their riders. Paul obtained his Instructors Certification Program (ICP) Level III certification in May 2010 and is a firm believer in continuing education.

Supported by the team at Champagne Wishes Farm, Paul has developed many successful horse and rider combinations. The team has riders and horses at all ages and levels, with a heavy concentration of Young Riders. These combinations range from the Beginner Novice level to the Advanced, including over 10 medals at the NAJYRC – 5 of which are gold medals – and placings at all levels of the American Eventing Championships (AEC). In 2006, Champagne Wishes Farm had riders at every level at the AEC's.

Recent accomplishments of the Champagne Wishes Farm team coached by Paul include:

  • 2009 NAJYRC Gold Medal CCI* Team Area II was composed half of CWF Riders (Molly Curtiss on Savannah IX and Colleen McKitrick on Connor II)
  • Two top 10 finishers at the 2011 Mid-South Preliminary Three Day
  • Mid-South Training Three-Day 2013 Champion (DeAnna Burke and Davinci)
  • Numerous combinations winning Area II Young Rider of the Year and Adult Amateur of the Year at every level from Novice through Intermediate
  • Top 10 finish at the Jersey Fresh CIC** 2014 (Colleen McKitrick and Rocmaster)
  • Individual Silver and Team Gold at the Training Level Pony Club Championships in 2014 (Haley Carspecken and True Grace)
  • Multiple riders achieving their "A" level rating in United States Pony Club

In addition to riding, Paul is also an accomplished tri-athlete who completed his first Ironman distance triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.3 mile run) in September 2006, his second Ironman at Lake Placid in 2008, and his third Ironman in August 2010. Paul encourages all of his students to pursue other physical activities outside of riding to stay in shape.

Maintain fitness in both mind and body.