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Latest News - 2015
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Morven Park Spring Horse Trials - March 28-29

Saturday was a cold and blustery day, but cold weather is something the team is quite familiar with after this winter. Both DeAnna & Pickle and Sara & Artemis put in very nice, consistent tests on frozen ground. Both Pickle and Artemis jumped well and skipped around the XC. DeAnna & Pickle won the Open Training division and Sara & Artemis placed 7th in Training Rider division. Lakyn & Ice Princess also had a good day and finished in 6th place with two double clear rounds in the Junior Beginner Novice division. Alice Johnson’s horse, Pharvin, ridden by Deb Welch topped off the day with another blue ribbon in the Open Beginner Novice.

Sunday morning riders were also greeted with temps in the 20’s (the water jump had a solid sheet of ice in the morning), but the sun slowly warmed up the day nicely. All the Novice riders rode great with everyone putting in three solid phases. Paul and Alice Johnson’s Piedmont Sun “Petie” won the Novice Horse division, Haley Carspeken and her new horse, Brazilian Wedding, finished 2nd in the Open Novice. Colleen rode Indy around Indy’s first recognized Novice and jumped great while her dressage also continues to improve. Taylor and Louis had one of their best dressage tests to date. They jumped around with no issues, but had a few time penalties at their first outing of the year to finish in 9th in the Junior Novice division. Crys rode Blink very well in the Junior Novice and finished in 12th. 2015 Results

Congratulations to the entire CWF team this past weekend at Morven Park. It was wonderful to have all the hard work from this winter pay off and see everyone ride superbly.

Paul & Petie (Photo credit: Pat Palmer)
DeAnna & Pickle (Photo credit: Sara Lieser)

Southern Pines Horse Trials - March 7-8

What a crazy three days, we left CWF on Friday with nine inches of snow on the ground using 4-wheel drive through snow and ice covered roads to head down to Southern Pines, NC and left on Sunday afternoon in 70+ temps.

Saturday brought warm temps and sunny weather, finally! All the horses were a bit fresh for being in a Dressage ring for the first time of the year, but everyone rode well. DeAnna & Davinci (Pickle) had XC on Saturday afternoon and after the first couple of spooks on course, finished strong with a double-clear round. In the Novice Show Jump, Paul & Alice Johnson's Piedmont Sun (Petie) had a picture perfect show jump round and Cyrs & Blink He's Gone had a nice round too, but Blink knocked a couple of rails in his usual non-chalant way of going over the sticks.

Christie rode Serry in her first recognized beginner novice and did a great job in both the dressage and show jumping. Serry was very spooky at the first fence in Show Jump, but once she got rolling did great and was looking to do more. Paul and Christie decided to not run Serry XC since there was a lot on course and due to all the snow up north Serry didn’t have as much xc schooling as they would have liked. She is learning quickly, so we are looking forward to her gaining more experience.

Sunday brought even warmer temperatures and more sun. We all had t-shirts on and the horses were enjoying it as well. Paul & Petie were fantastic around the novice XC and finished in 9th. Cyrs & Blink stormed about the novice XC as well for a double-clear round. The final ride of the day was DeAnna & Pickle in the Show Jump who also had a double-clear round to finish in 3rd.

A big thank you to Taylor who helped everyone all weekend and entertained us with her continuous and always amusing commentary.

Now that we have seen the sun and mild temps, everyone is excited to begin training more regularly for the next show. Don’t forget about the XC clinic this coming weekend at Gordonsdale in Berryville.

Cyrs & Blink
Paul & Petie
Christie & Serry
Cyrs & Blink

Area II Awards

Congratulations to the CWF riders who placed in the Area II year end awards. Tori Long & All That Jazz were Reserve Champion in the Adult Amateur Intermediate division. DeAnna Burke & Davinci were Reserve Champion in the Open Training and Young Horse Preliminary divisions. .Well done!!

Visit the Area II website and register for the 2011 USEA Area II award program. It costs $20/division you enter and 8-hours of volunteer time within Area II to be eligible.

2015 Rule Changes

There are several 2015 rule changes, but one of the most significant is that show entries must be in teh hands of the event secretary on closing date, not just post-marked. Ensure you all know your rules: USEA Eventing Rules.

Winter Gymnastic Clinics at Morven Park Indoor

Mark your calendars for the winter gymnastic clinic series. Tentative dates are December 28/29 (Sunday/Monday), January 24/25 (Saturday/Sunday), and February 14/15 (Saturday/Sunday). Then to get ready for the start of the show season we will plan to get in some XC schooling around March 1st.