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Latest News - 2014
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Winter Gymnastic Clinics at Morven Park Indoor

Mark your calendars for the winter gymnastic clinic series. Tentative dates are December 28/29 (Sunday/Monday), January 24/25 (Saturday/Sunday), and February 14/15 (Saturday/Sunday). Then to get ready for the start of the show season we will plan to get in some XC schooling around March 1st.

Morven Park Fall Horse Trials October 4-5

Colleen & Rocmaster had good weekend in the CCI** with a nice dressage, one rail in the show jumping, and one glance off at a corner on XC, but they looked great over the entire rest of the course.

Tori & All That Jazz had a good outing in the Intermediate as they continue to improve their dressage and with a confidence building clean XC round, they are fit and ready for Fair Hill CCI** in two weeks.

Christie & Pop Fly started their weekend with a steady and accurate dressage test, but they withdrew before jumping as Cassidy was getting a foot abscess; Talk about terrible timing!

In the Preliminary, DeAnna & Davinci had a very nice dressage, a clean show jumping round, and a clean cross country jump, but got several time penalties while DeAnna is working out their new braking system. They finished in 8th place in the Preliminary Rider division.

Sunday afternoon during the Novice, Marilyn and Christie helped organize and setup a wonderful tailgate party overlooking the show jumping and the Novice riders did not disappoint the tailgating crew. Crys Ayala & Blink He’s Gone did an awesome job jumping clean show jumping and cross country. Rachael and Aaron made their recognized Novice debut and were placed first after dressage! They had one rail down in the show jumping and some mystery time penalties (didn’t seem like they should have any) and then jumped around the cross country beautifully.

Thank you to all the CWF support and cheering squad and congratulation to all the riders. You all made this a fun weekend full of good riding, great horsemanship, and teamwork.

CWF tailgate overlooking the Show Jumping

Seneca Valley Horse Trials September 13-14

The fall season has begun for CWF! On Saturday, DeAnna Burke and Davinci competed in the Preliminary division at Seneca, winning the dressage with a 27 and jumping a clean show jump. Unfortunately he had a bit of a green stop at the last combination on cross country, but other than that "Pickle" is ready to rock and roll this fall. Christie McKitrick with Pop Fly rode in the Training. Pop Fly was a little rusty in the show jump but put together a great dressage and cross country phase.

Sunday had Sara Easterwood with Artemis, Taylor Miller with Louis, and Crys Ayala with Blink He's Gone all in the Novice. Sara's partnership with Artemis is off to a fantastic start with a nice relaxed dressage test and two clean jumping phases to finish in 4th place. Taylor and Louis had a good outing for their first event together and finished in 9th place. Louis may have been a little too excited to jump cross country, but Taylor did a great job keeping him under control. Crys rode very well in all three phases. Blink wasn't too thrilled about picking his feet up over the show jumps, but looked great around cross country to finish in 10th place.

Pickle & DeAnna jumping cross country in the rain

Fox Chase Jumper Show August 2

Many of the CWF spent the day at the Fox Chase jumper show. The show gave everyone an opportunity to polish their show jump skills and prepare for the fall event season. I think just about everyone placed in the top 3 throughout the day; lots of blue, red, and yellow ribbons! Thank you to Pat and the Miller's for taking some great photos of the day!

Taylor & Louis
Chris & Blink
Haley & Grace
Marie & Michael
Laura & Jordan
Pickle wanting some of Allison's water
The CWF Peanut Gallery

US Pony Club ChampionshipsJuly 14-16

Congratulations to Haley Carspecken & True Grace for leading the Virginia/Metro Training Event team to 1st place! They also finished 2nd individually. The Loudoun Times-Mirror wrote a nice article about Haley and Grace: Haley & True Grace Article

Middleburg Horse Trials June 7-8

We had beautiful weather this past weekend at the Middleburg Horse Trial and had a good group of riders, friends, and family out to enjoy the weekend.

DeAnna rode Davinci (Pickle) in the Open Preliminary division and had three good phases. Pickle jumped clear in both the show jump and cross country with some XC time penalties to finish in 8th place in a division full of professionals. DeAnna was thrilled with Pickle's cross country and how he is progressing. This fall should be a good season for them both.

Haley and True Grace looked fabulous after a short break in competition. They placed 5th in the Junior Training and are well prepared for Pony Club rally this week. Sara Easterwood also competed in the Junior Training division with King and finished in 9th.

Paul rode Alice Johnson's Piedmont Sun in Training Horse. Petie's Dressage continues to improve, he jumped a lovely clean show round, and although still a little green at combinations cross country, he jumped great overall to finish in 9th place. Video of Paul and Petie through the bank complex posted below. Paul is excited about Petie's future and is hoping to compete him in the training three-day championships at the end of the year.

Taylor Miller, Ilka Matthes, Christie McKitrick, and Elizabeth Menist also rode at Middleburg and had good educational outings. Next weekend is Seneca Valley Horse Trials, hope to see you there.

On the Home Front March 22-23

While several of the CWF team were down in North Carolina, Taylor Miller and Haley Carspecken stayed closer to home to compete. Taylor and her horse Louis competed in the Loch Moy Novice Started Horse Trials and finished on their dressage score of 36 to claim 4th place. Way to go Taylor, they are looking well prepared for a strong outing at Morven.

Haley and Grace tuned up their dressage and scored a 33 in the Preliminary A test the Bascule Dressage schooling show to take home 3rd place. They will be ready to rock the training level test at Morven.

Taylor & Louis
Taylor & Louis
Grace, Haley, & Tracy
Haley & Grace

Carolina International CIC & Horse Trials March 20-23

The CWF team had some highs and lows over the weekend, but the team spirit, camaraderie, and beautiful weather made the event enjoyable for all. Laura competed in the CIC* and kept Courageous in control and put in a nice dressage test, but their event ended short when Cory got spooked at/by something and didn't want to jump fence #2 in the Show Jump. This is very uncharacteristic for the pair and we know they will be back in the flow of things at Morven this next weekend.

DeAnna and Pickle competed in the Training/Preliminary and put in three good phases. They were the only pair in their division to finish on their dressage score to put them in 1st place. That is three wins in a row for them! They are ready for the move up to Preliminary next weekend.

Paul moved Petie up to Training level and had a much improved dressage test from two weeks ago as Petie is learning to deal with the atmosphere. He jumped around a very large training XC course with one stop, but was otherwise very good and gained a ton of experience. His show jumping was also very nice, with one unlucky rail in the combination.

Colleen and Rocky and Tori and Jazzy both competed in the Intermediate. Rocky had a very nice, steady dressage test, a very nice show jump with one rail, and then an awesome clean go around the XC. Rocky and Colleen looked great and according to Colleen "He felt amazing!" They finished in the middle of the pack in a division filled with top horses and riders, some of which are entered at Rolex. Tori and Jazzy improved on their dressage score this weekend and had yet again another clean show jump round. Tori pulled Jazzy up about half way around the XC as Tori felt she wasn't riding up to her standards, but prior to that they had a clean round going. Better to finish the day on the good note at that level as there is always another day.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Morven this next weekend! Even if you are not riding, come out to enjoy the day and support the CWF team.

Colleen & Rocky
Tori & Jazzy
Paul & Petie
Paul & Petie
Colleen & Rocky
Pickle and his Blue Ribbon

Southern Pines I - March 8-9th

The CWF crew started their drive to North Carolina early Friday morning to beat the threat of sleeting rain. After driving for over 7 hours we arrived at the Carolina Horse Park to pouring rain, temps in the mid 30s and high winds. It was awful, but the promise of better weather to come kept everyone's spirits up as headed out to walk/swim our XC courses with Paul. There was standing water over almost the entire course! Luckily the Carolina Horse Park has amazing footing and dries out quickly.

Saturday and Sunday both started off brisk, but each day warmed to a temps in the upper 60's with plenty of sunshine. It felt WONDERFUL for both humans and horses who have been freezing all winter. Everyone from CWF rode great and the horses did great for their first outing of the season. Saturday afternoon the team enjoyed some wine and cheese to celebrate a great day and warm temps. As always, thank you to Tracy for brining the wine and cheese and to Myra for always having a great supply of hot coffee/chocolate and snacks for all. It's things like this that make our away shows so much fun!

Below is a short wrap-up of everyone's weekend:

Paul rode Alice Johnston's horse, Piedmont Sun (aka Petie), in the Open Novice. They had a consistent dressage test, but didn't score as well as we all hoped. The great news is that Petie jumped like a star with two double clear rounds to finish in 9th place and looks to be ready to move up to Training level. Paul feels this horse has what it takes to an upper level horse and this weekend you could really see that as Petie skipped around the XC with his huge stride. Go see Petie jump a few of the XC fences on YouTube.

In the Preliminary division Colleen and Rocky had a very successful weekend back after 9 months away from competition. Rocky jumped around the XC like he had been working on it all winter and added only one rail in the Show Jump to finish in 8th place. Tori and Jazzy got in a good school around the preliminary XC and show jump with two clear jump rounds only adding time to their dressage score. Laura and Cory had a very nice dressage and jumped around their second preliminary together with ease. They were held up on our course at fence #13 due to a rider fall later in the course, but they both handled it well and got back going to finish the round clean with some time penalties. Laura and Cory finished their weekend with a double clean show jump round to finish in 12th overall and 5th place Young Rider.

At training level, Colleen and Ryder had a nice dressage and a bold and fast XC round. Ryder had two rails down in the show jump, but Colleen continues to improve Ryder's confidence in the final phase. Haley and Grace looked amazing all weekend as their partnership is maturing. Check out the helmet cam on YouTube from them on XC and you can see they took every fence out of stride. They finished in 3rd place overall and were 1st place Young Rider. DeAnna & Pickle had an excellent weekend with two double clear jumping rounds to finish in 1st place. A few pictures from the event are below, you can find more on Facebook.

Walking Courses in the Pouring Rain
Laura & Cory
Haley & Grace
Colleen & Ryder
Wine & Cheese Party
Paul & Petie

XC Schooling - February 26th

Some of the CWF team got out for an early school and gallop at Godonsdale in Berryville this past Monday. The footing was very good and all the horses were excited to be jumping outside and having a good time. Weather permitting Paul will be XC schooling this weekend, March 1st and 2nd.

Colleen, DeAnna, & Laura
Laura & Cory
DeAnna & Pickle
Paul & Petie

2014 Qualification Requirements

If you plan to complete in a CCI event this year, please ensure to know the FEI Qualification Requirements. For national qualification requirements visit the USEA web site: National Qualification Requirements.


2014 Rules Changes

There are several 2014 rule changes, but one of the most significant rule changes is that at the Beginner Novice and Novice level only, if you fall off and land on your feet, you are allowed to continue on course with 65 penalties added to your score. A second fall is elimination. First fall form Training level and above results in elimination. To review this rule and additional 2014 rule changes please visit the USEA web site Rule Changes. Stay up to date on all the rules USEA Eventing Rules.

Winter Gymnastic Clinics (January 18/19, February 1/2, and February 15/16)

Paul's clinics have become a staple in the heart of Area II Eventing. This series in particular seeks to liven up the dreary winter months with some jumping fun!

Paul uses his experience both in teaching and riding at the upper levels of Eventing to develop clinics that build a strong foundation that benefit a horse and rider of any level. Clinic exercises work to improve the horse's rideability to the fences, the rider's balance, and the horse’s form in a fun, positive team environment.

The clinics will take place in Morven Park's indoor ring with all new footing that is fantastic. Lessons will last one hour for groups of three or four riders, for all levels from Green horses and going up through the Eventing levels (Baby BN, BN, N,T,P,I). A “Dressage Over Poles” group will be offered if demand exists for those non-jumping riders looking for something different for mid-winter training. The next two clinics will be held Feb 1st or 2nd, and Feb 15th or 16th.

Cost is $90 per horse which includes Morven’s ring fee. A $5 discount is available to YRAP and Area II Adult Riders members. Auditors are welcome to watch at no charge.

To sign up, please email Pat Palmer at with the following information:
Rider’s name,
Horse’s name,
Horse/rider experience,
Telephone number,
Day preference (Sat or Sun), and
Any other information that might be helpful for forming a group.