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Virginia Horse Trials

Congratulations to both Colleen and Christie McKritick for a fabulous end of the year event. Colleen and Conner finished in 6th place in the Preliminary Championships against all the big guys. I believe she was the top placed Young Rider in the division as well. Christie also had an equally good weekend and finished in 6th in the YR Preliminary division. Well done girls!

Middleburg Horse Trials

For the most part all the CWF horses were super stars. I rode Teco in the Prelim. He jumped great in the twisty Show Jump and was bold and clean on cross country to finish in 2nd place. Pat and Ian had an easy go around the Novice and are ready to move up training this coming weekend at Morven. Paul rode Rocky around the Novice and he looked fabulous, just skipped around both Show Jump and Cross County without blinking an eye. They finished on their dressage score in 5th place.
Paul & Rocky
DeAnna & Teco
Pat & Ian
Teco XC

Molly and Colleen Bring home two gold medals for Area II

Colleen McKitrick and Conner and Molly Curtiss and Savannah IV did a fantastic job representing the Area II team at the July 22-26 North American Young Riders Championships held in Lexington, KY. Both Colleen and Molly were a part of the CCIJ* Gold medal team. Molly also finished with a individual 4th place. She was one of only three riders in the entire division who had a double clear round on both cross country and show jumping phases. Everyone at CWF is very proud of both their performances riding as well as their positive sportsmanship.
Molly & Savanah Show Jumping
Colleen & Conner looking sharp!

Molly and Colleen Named to the Area II CCI* YR team!

Colleen McKitrick and Conner and Molly Curtiss and Savanna IV have been selected to represent Area II in the FEI North America Young Riders Championships in the CCI*. Click here to read the press release and view the entire team selections. Please join us in July 22 - 26 in routing the team on, the best of luck girls!!
Maryland Horse Trials I and II (July 11-12 and July 13-14)

Two good weekends for CWF riders at the Maryland Horse Trials I and II. The first weekend Pamela and Graham finishing on their dressage score in the Training level to take home 6th place. Molly and Savannah had a great weekend to finish in 6th and Christie and Teco finished 7th at YR Preliminary. Colleen had both a super dressage and clear show jumping but didn't run Connor to save his legs for the Young Rider Championships. The second weekend Pat and Ian had a fabulous day and finished 3rd in the Open Novice. Marco won the dressage, had a clear show jump, and was clean cross country, but was a bit slow. With the time penalties Marco finished in 5th in the Open Prelim. Christie and Teco had a few ups and downs, but overall they are showing improvement each time out. Christie is a genuine competitor and her sportsmanship is praiseworthy, we know her continued efforts will reap rewards in due time.

Bromont CIC* (June 12-14)

Colleen and Conner headed all the way up to Canada to compete in the Bromont CIC* division. Colleen rode like a superstar against an Open division and finished in 8th place. This also makes them fully qualified for the Young Rider Championships in August. We hope to see both Colleen and Christie competing together on the same team for Area II.

Rubicon Horse Trials (June 6-7)

A great weekend again for Champagne Wishes Farm and especially for some of the younger riders. Congratulations to Krissy and Greg for their first training win, way to go! Marilyn rode Doby around the Novice and looked great. They finished in 10th place. We all had a great time watching Cameron Rouse, Andrew Fox, Catharine Cockrill, Christie McKitrick and Pat Palmer having a ton of fun jumping around the Beginner Novice divisions. Catharine finished in 5th place, Andrew in 10th, Cameron would have placed 2nd but she missed a fence on XC (bummer!), and Pat Palmer finished 12th on Ian. It was great to see everyone jump successful and have fun doing it.

Virginia Horse Trials and CCI* (May 21-24)

Christie and Teco had a wonderful weekend and finished in the CCI* in 7th place. She is qualified and ready for Young Riders! Let's all keep our fingers crossed for her through August. I rode Marco around the Prelim and he was fantastic, finishing in 3rd place.

Fair Hill Horse Trials (May 16-17)

A great weekend for all riders and everyone had clean cross country rounds! Leslie moved Celie up to Intermediate and jumped around like a pro. Celie is only 6 years old, I know there are many great years ahead for her and Leslie. Paul moved Travis back up to Preliminary and they didn't put a foot wrong. In a difficult division, Travis finished on his Dressage score for 6th place. Martha and Garth also had a wonderful weekend and finished in 4th place in the YR Preliminary division. They only had two rails down in the show jumping (this is very good for Garth) and a perfect XC round. Martha and Garth were the only Young Rider pair to go clean and within the time! Last, but certainly never least was Krissy and her new boy Greg. This was Krissy first training on Greg and they had two double-clear jumping round to finish in 3rd place in the YR Training division. Congratulations to all!
Difficult Run Horse Trials (May 2)
After a tough early Spring season getting to know each other, Christie and Teco are becoming a pair to be reckoned with. They posted two clean jumping rounds and finished in 4th place in the Open Preliminary division. Congratulations, it's wonderful when it all starts coming together.

Loudoun Horse Trials (April 25-26)
Congratulations to all, everyone rode like superstars. Paul was back in the tack on Travis after over a year off and they didn't miss a beat. With two double clear jumping rounds they finished in 7th in the Open Training. In the Young Rider Prelim division we almost had a 1, 2, 3 finish. Colleen and Connor brought home the blue ribbon and less than a point behind her was Molly and Savannah in 2nd place. Christie had been in the lead going into XC, but Teco had a stop at one of the last combinations on course, which moved her down to 9th place. Bummer, next time! Marco completed his first Preliminary event and finished 4th in the Open Preliminary B division and Ian with Pat aboard finished his first event ever finishing 11th in the Open Beginner Novice.


DeAnna & Marco
Paul & Travis
Pat and Ian
Paul & Travis
Morven Park Horse Trials (March 28-29)
A good weekend for the CWF team, bringing home many ribbons in several divisions. See the results on the Results page. Go to the Morven Park page to view videos of some of the riders through the Preliminary water complex.
XC Schooling Day
See the Cross Country Schooling Day page for pictures of the ponies and kids jumping various cross country exercises. See XC Schooling page.

Southern Pines Horse Trials (March 14-15)
A very wet and cold weekend didn't dampen the spirits of the CWF farm team. Colleen and Connor had a wonderful events and jumped around beautifully in both XC and Show Jump. They finished in 3rd place in the Young Rider Preliminary A division. Christie also had a good weekend, but unfortunately had a run out at the last element of the water after Teco made a huge leap into the water and Christie had a tough time getting him gathered up again before the out. They are still a new pair and are working on getting to know each other, but they other than the one hishap they were in top form. Leslie took Celie out for her first show of the season and they didn't miss a beat as they skipped around the XC and had a very pleasant round in the show jump to finish in 9th in the Open Preliminary division. Marco and I had a bit rougher time at our first show out of the season and were having trouble getting in sync around the XC and had two silly stops. Marco was in much better form for Show Jumping and had a good double clear round to finish on a positive note.

We all had a good time and managed to stay as warm as we could during the day. On Saturday evening we all enjoyed each other's company while eating some pizza and watching a movie in the warm hotel room.


Paul, Celie, and Leslie after XC
Colleen & Connor
Christie & Teco
The peanut gallery
Colleen & Conner XC

Pine Top Farm Horse Trials (Feb 14-15)
Both Colleen and Christie McKitrick kicked off the season at Pine Top Farm Horse Trails in fine form. Colleen and Conner added no penalties to their dressage score and finished in 3rd place in the Preliminary-Training division. This was Christie and her new horse Teco's first outing together. They had a beautiful show jump and a great cross country. A small bobble at the water cost them 20 penalties, but a good confidence ride on new horse. This season we should see both of these girls really shine. Congratulations! See Results


2009 SOSS Party
The Start of Show Season (SOSS) Party was a great success. Everyone gathered together on February 7th and shared good eats and fun videos. Paul even brought his video of him riding an Tennessee walker/Arab cross back in California! Thank you everyone for coming and sorry we missed those of you who were out of town or couldn't make it.

The show season starts off with both Christie and Colleen heading down to Pine Top this coming weekend, February 13-15. Good Luck to all in 2009, this is going to be fun year!


2008 Year End Awards
The 2008 Year End Awards have been posted. Congratulations to everyone! 2008 Year End Awards