Champagne Wishes Farm

Bluemont, VA
(703) 431-4580

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About Us

Champagne Wishes competitors travel to all major competitions on the East coast and have enjoyed numerous successes at every level, see the Results section for a detailed listing. We provide coaching at every show we attend and our team atmosphere makes a much more relaxed and fun show environment that allows everyone to do their best and excel.

In addition to developing successful riders, we feel it is important to encourage our students to become students of life, stressing the importance of higher education and additional activities outside the “horse world." Parents, family members, and friends are encouraged to be involved in the team at the farm.

The Champagne Wishes team and overall success would not be possible without each individual, whether it be an instructor, student, parent, supporter, working student, stable staff, vet, or farrier who each provide something unique for the team. We firmly believe that working as a team makes the riding experience more rewarding and fun for everyone.

Paul Ebersole is the head instructor at Champagne Wishes supported by assistent trainer Chritie McKitrick. Other advanced riders help with horse training and several full and part time working students assists in daily maintenace and care of all the horese in the barn to ensure Paul has a flexible schedule that allows the dedicated time to each of his students. For more information on the CWF team, please visit the Our Team page.

The farm is named after Paul's friend DeAnna's first advanced horse, Champagne Wishes, who she competed as a Young Rider at both Rolex and Fair Hill CCI***. He was a little 16-hand, neglected TB gelding who cost $1000 because no one else wanted him. His story is one that keeps us all hopeful that anyone can compete at the top. All you need is a lot of hard work, determination, a little luck, and a horse with talent and a lot of heart. Champagne Wishes passed away in March 2010 at the age of 30. He was a horse of a lifetime.