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South Carolina XC Schooling Trip
March 10-11, 2007
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The schooling weekend was both productive and and a lot of fun. Paul, DeAnna, and Jason all headed down to St. Matthews, South Carolina. We schooled on both Saturday and Sunday at the Gibbe's facility, which is absolutely amazing with too many fences to count, including water, banks, bumps on the hill, ditch and walls, coffins, skinnies, and even a duck!

The adventures began earlier than expected when the trailer got stuck in a ditch late Friday night when we arrived. But between Paul and Jason's engineering prowess the trailer was pulled safely out of the ditch after about an hour.

We were rewarded Saturday with awesome weather, sunny and in the 70's. The horses enjoyed some turnout time in the morning while we all went to the local diner for breakfast. Yes, they had grits and other southern comfort food for 1/2 the price of Cracker Barrel. After breakfast we headed back and went schooling with the three horses. Klink was very good overall, but had to be convinced there were no monster lurking in the ditches. Mero and Dante, the two babies, were amazing during their first XC school ever. They did water, logs, coups, banks, and ditches without as much as twitching an ear. They were super! After we were done schooling we took further advantage of the weather and went for a 6 mile run before feeding time.

Saturday night we ate at FATZ, where you could enjoy anything as long as it was fried. Sunday we started the day early and went back for another day of XC schooling to get a few more fences in and reinforce what the youngsters had learned the previous day. After we were done schooling the horses enjoyed an hour turned out in the sun before packing up for the long drive back home.

A big thanks to Easy Breeze Farm where the horses stayed. They were friendly and accommodating.

Mero over a coup

Klink over some logs

Dante over his first log

Dante with the full plumbing outhouses in the background. This place is amazing!

Klink in the road crossing

Mero and Paul

Klink and DeAnna

Klink overcoming his fears

Klink over a small bounce into the main water jump

Mero over his first log